Friday, 17 June 2016

Imperial Knight - Ira Leonis

I picked up an Imperial Knight for cheap and painted it up to join my Dark Angels force. With my collection containing  Deathwing, Ravenwing and 3rd Company I decided I wanted them all to be represented on this model. 

I struggled to find a suitable name for my Knight but eventually settled on "Ira Leonis" (Lion's Wrath) to reflect its allegiance to the chapter.

I then got even more carried away with painting 'pig latin' and put my best attempt at the phrase "We are the first legion. The honoured sons of Lion" across the front of the base. 

 I've included similar phrases on other large models in the army such as my Landraider and Dark Talon, and use it as another little attempt to unify the three quite different looking companies.

Taking inspiration from a Chaos themed Knight from the Eternal Hunt blog, I have built a cockpit and engine interior for the Ira Leonis. 

I was initially building the pilot using imperial guard bits and was going to have the Knight as an Oathsworn Knight working alongside my Dark Angels, but decided to put a marine in the pilot's seat instead and have the Knight directly belonging to the chapter (What's one more little secret going to matter for these guys?)


  1. I saw it in person and it looks great but I didn't know you had built the engine as well! Such fine attention to detail.

  2. Painting (and building!) the inside of Imperial Knights! Legend!