Thursday, 7 July 2016

Dark Angels Drop Pod

Painted up a drop pod for my 3rd Company "Monster Hunter" squad. These veterans all carry meltaguns (I will field them as a command squad) and will be dropping in to put the hurt on key targets.

Given the status of the squad within the 3rd company I decided to go a bit overboard with the paintjob. Each door panel has been painted with a variation of the typical "Dark Angel" image and the fins of the pod have been painted to look like feathered wings.

 Given my somewhat limited artistic ability, I've gone for very stylised depictions of the angels and wings.
The whole model has also been weathered heavily (with chipped paintjob, rusting and scorched base) to reflect its harsh existence.

I'm happy with the finished product, but painting it has nearly driven me insane. Any other drop pods that I paint will definitely be a lot less ornate (maybe just green with the 3rd co. red slash?).

I guess now it's time to start painting the veterans themselves...


  1. "Given my somewhat limited artistic ability" Ha, looks pretty bloody good to me

    1. Let's sit it next to some of your freehand work and we'll all see what I meant...