Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Night Spinner / Fire Prism / Proxy Wave Serpent / Not the World Eater's I'm supposed to be painting

While this model is definitely not the World Eater Marines I am supposed to be painting, I have painted it up to be a lot of other things. 

My main intention is to proxy it as a Wave Serpent for my Dire Avengers (hence the paintjob to match the back banner of my Dire Avenger Exarch)

With the guns magnetised it can also easily be switched around to play as a Night Spinner or Fire Prism (you never know what will be good in 8th ed).

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Eldar Jetbikes

Painted these two Eldar Windriders up as a last distraction before starting the long slog of painting my World Eaters infantry.

I've continued the Great Wave theme that I used on my Eldrad and Dire Avenger Exarch models, and will carry it through my whole force if I end up expanding my Eldar even further than this (they were only ever going to be a 200 killteam).

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Chaos Marine Sorcerer (for World Eaters)

World Eaters 'How To' for exploiting the loophole in Khorne's 'No Being a Sorcerer' policy:
1. Collect loyalist Librarian.
2. Put him in the warp until he goes 'Event Horizon'
3. Collect your new sorcerer and point him at whoever you are angry with at the moment.
Note: You will need to keep a close watch on your sorcerer as he will likely be a tad unpredictable.

Of course I'm going to be completely unable to run this guy in my Butcherhorde or any other dedicated Khorne detachment but he could always make an appearance in a CAD at some point.


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Chaos Cultists with Dark Apostle

With my Tyranids out of the way I've been painting up some Chaos Cultists while I wait for my Mk IV marines to arrive.

I'm dubbing these guys 'The Faceless Mass' and along with Chaplain Dabran Vokk (my freshly painted Dark Apostle) they will be run as a 'Lost and Damned' formation within my World Eaters army. However, the formation requires a minimum of 40 cultists so these 11 are just the beginning of a long, long process.

Chaplain Dabran Vokk, leader of the Faceless Mass.

I know blue isn't exactly Khorne's favourite colour, but wearing hoods that match the berserker's shoulderpads just might cause them to pause long enough for these goons to duck away and avoid becoming collateral damage during combat.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Having painted just over the 1750 point mark worth of Tyranids, I decided to finally paint up my Tervigon so that I could rest easy that all my Tyranids were painted rather than just my army list.

Despite being the last of a long line Tyranids, she was actually quite fun to paint. Her distended belly gave me a chance to use a mix of green and pink washes to try and get a stretched and slightly bruised appearance. The pair of Termagants bursting out of her abdomen also gave me a chance to go crazy with blood effects and gloss varnish for that fresh, traumatically birthed alien look.

I'm very happy with how she turned out and equally happy that she is the last Tyranid model I will be painting (ignoring the possibility of having to paint extra Nids for specific lists in the future),

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


The last cricket match of the summer between New Zealand and Australia meant a day in front of the television, which of course led to a day of painting. I used the time to paint my zoanthrope brood and my scratchbuilt Lictor. With these done my 2016 hobby project (1750+ point Tyranid army) was complete.

This is the second incarnation of my scratch built Lictor and he's been made out of scraps from a number of other kits. I wanted him to be a lot creepier than the GW Lictor, so went for a much taller model and also gave him a bit of a stoop.

He's been modelled with a bunch of bloated sacs on top of his carapace (unused venomthrope bits) to reflect his ability to release a pheromone trail for the rest of the swarm to follow. I've also given him whip arms (again from a venomthrope kit maybe?) to represent his flesh hooks.

When it came time to paint him I decided to try out a totally new technique and paint him emerging from hiding having used his chameleon skin ability. I'd seen a couple of examples where people had used clear plastic, I'm assuming they had 3d printed these, but went down a different path for my attempt. 

I wanted to represent him having blended into the red, rocky landscape before standing up for a kill so I painted his rear right section using Citadel Martian Ironearth just like I have done for all my Tyranid bases. Having done some very heavy edge highlighting for better definition on these sections, I then painted the rest of the model in the same scheme as the rest of my Tyranids, before driving myself halfway insane trying to blend a smooth transition between the two.

The results aren't perfect, but I've got myself a unique Lictor on both the modelling and painting fronts (as best I know) and got to try out a new painting technique, so I'm putting this one down as a success. Oh, and NZ won the cricket making the day an even bigger success. 

Friday, 3 February 2017

World Eaters Helbrute

World Eaters Helbrute painted up to be a proxy for the Chaos Juggerlord in my Maelstrom of Gore formation.

The model was easier to paint than expected but I struggled to get the vast expanse of flesh on it's back right. Taking this to a recent painting workshop enabled me to toss the model to Glen  (wrythhold.blogspot) who demo'd the use of Carroburg Crimson in the recesses to give the skin more depth and a more tortured look. I'm stoked with the result and am keen to get more such events worked in around our gaming calendar.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Chaos Spawn

In order to run my World Eaters as a Butcher's Horde detachment I need to be able to field at least one of the auxiliary formations. For now I've opted to run with a unit of Chaos Spawn, due to them being the cheapest (points wise) option leaving me plenty of points for berserkers.

I'm not a fan of the Games Workshop spawn models (sorry GW) so decided to substitute in the three 2nd Gen Plague Mutants from the Deadzone starter. 

The problem with using these models is that the quality of the sculpt is not great (sorry Mantic).
To get around this problem I've gone over the top in terms of the Ork opponents I've added to their bases. This let me take advantage of the dynamic poses of the models while also drawing attention away from the poor quality.


While working on this unit, I've settled on a ruined urban theme for basing the army. Some units will be moving through ruins and will have a lot of rubble and debris like these, while others will be heading across more open ground with little to no debris on their bases.

Friday, 13 January 2017

World Eaters Rhino

I'm desperately trying to finish my 1750 point Nid army but having suffered a brush malfunction I'm currently unable to do the fine brush work needed to finish my last two units. So I've made an early start on this year's project, 1750 points of heresy themed World Eaters.

This is a second hand "rescue rhino" that was in terrible condition when I got hold of it and several additions and replacement parts were required in order to get the model to a usable state. 

I'm looking to give these World Eaters a battleworn and blood soaked look and will be using some spare Orks on various bases (and under Rhinos) throughout the army to help give a bit of context to all the blood and battle damage.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Veteran Drenn Redblade

I picked up the Drenn Redblade model from Deathwatch:Overkill as a 'magpie' project. After painting my Ravenwing I didn't really feel like painting more black power armour, so decided on doing a veteran, post-deathwatch Drenn Redblade. 

I've swapped out his knife and chainsword for a fancier power lance (built from a force staff and a force sword) and given him a new head that better reflects the grizzled veteran I'm trying to build.
The snow on the base has been made by spreading on a mix of pva and sand before painting. This is a really simple technique but I'm very pleased with the results.