Monday, 11 September 2017

Lord Cypher

I recently grabbed the new Cypher model to paint up and add to my Dark Angels... err Chaos... add to my 40k collection.

The model is really nicely sculpted (as most of the newer GW minis seem to be) and a lot of fun to paint.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

World Eaters Terminator Captain

Painted a while ago now, this is the Termiantor Captain from Betrayal at Calth painted in Heresy World Eaters colours. Forgeworld shoulderpads and a scratch-built base have been used to help him stand out from all the other Calth Captains out there.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

World Eaters Squad

I've neglected the blog for a long time now and will be posting a number of projects in quick succession to catch back up.

First up are a Chaos Space marine squad for my World Eaters force. Intended to fill the same role as a loyalist Tactical Squad and I'm not yet sure what heavy/special weapons I'll be arming them with.

They are still one marine shy of Khorne's 'lucky number eight' that I intend to have in each unit of the army but that will be remedied in short order.

The aspiring champion for the unit is the Dark Apostle from Betrayal at Calth who has had a simple weapon swap.

Monday, 5 June 2017

World Eaters Khorne Berzerkers

First fully finished Berzerker squad for my World Eaters force. Very happy with how they turned out. Bold heresy-era scheme suitably dirtied and bloodied up with the first signs of Chaos starting to show (fitting nicely with the force's backstory).

Just 4 more marines and a rhino to go to finish another squad, but I think I've earned a chance to paint up a character.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Wave Phoenix (Hemlock Wraithfighter proxy)

I recently grabbed a second hand Flamespyre Phoenix with the plan to put an Eldar Farseer/Warlock on its back and use it in my little Eldar force.

I quickly realised he was too big for a 'counts as jetbike' but was dimensionally very similar to a Crimson Hunter, just with his wings at the front rather then the rear. While I like the idea of using him as a fully fledged Eldar flyer, the psyker on his back means that it makes more sense to run it as a Hemlock Wraithfighter.

I wanted to use bold colours on the model but decided not to use the heavy highlighting on the feather edges that I'm seeing on a lot of Tzeetnch models at the moment. The look works really well on daemons, but didn't fit with the image I had in my head when planning my approach for this model.

I painted the Phoenix itself by blocking in 3 bands of colour (dark blue, light blue and pale grey) and then mixing several intermediate shades and feathering thin layers of them to blend the zones of colour together. Lifting the grey areas towards white without getting too bright was difficult but seems to have worked out alright. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

World Eaters progress!

After going through a 2 week painting slump I have STARTED to work my way out of it by painting up 15 heads for my World Eaters berserkers.

My current goal is to get 10 berserkers finished in the next 2 weeks to bring my total up to 20 foot marines out of the 40-50 I'll eventually have for the force.

So far I have these 3 bolter toting Tactical marines and 1 autocannon marine for my Havoc squad, along with 6 berserkers, including the 3 below.

 I've gone for a relatively clean look on the Tactical and Havoc marines to contrast with the blood soaked and beaten up look of the berserkers.

Though I am trying my best not to go too far with the blood, I've decided to include a small number of  completely over the top lunatics in the army, like this guy above, to help show how crazy the World Eaters really are (and because it's fun to paint)

Apologies for the worse than usual photo quality btw. My sub-standard phone was struggling with my sub-standard lighting and I couldn't be bothered sorting the issue out and starting again.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Night Spinner / Fire Prism / Proxy Wave Serpent / Not the World Eater's I'm supposed to be painting

While this model is definitely not the World Eater Marines I am supposed to be painting, I have painted it up to be a lot of other things. 

My main intention is to proxy it as a Wave Serpent for my Dire Avengers (hence the paintjob to match the back banner of my Dire Avenger Exarch)

With the guns magnetised it can also easily be switched around to play as a Night Spinner or Fire Prism (you never know what will be good in 8th ed).

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Eldar Jetbikes

Painted these two Eldar Windriders up as a last distraction before starting the long slog of painting my World Eaters infantry.

I've continued the Great Wave theme that I used on my Eldrad and Dire Avenger Exarch models, and will carry it through my whole force if I end up expanding my Eldar even further than this (they were only ever going to be a 200 killteam).

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Chaos Marine Sorcerer (for World Eaters)

World Eaters 'How To' for exploiting the loophole in Khorne's 'No Being a Sorcerer' policy:
1. Collect loyalist Librarian.
2. Put him in the warp until he goes 'Event Horizon'
3. Collect your new sorcerer and point him at whoever you are angry with at the moment.
Note: You will need to keep a close watch on your sorcerer as he will likely be a tad unpredictable.

Of course I'm going to be completely unable to run this guy in my Butcherhorde or any other dedicated Khorne detachment but he could always make an appearance in a CAD at some point.


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Chaos Cultists with Dark Apostle

With my Tyranids out of the way I've been painting up some Chaos Cultists while I wait for my Mk IV marines to arrive.

I'm dubbing these guys 'The Faceless Mass' and along with Chaplain Dabran Vokk (my freshly painted Dark Apostle) they will be run as a 'Lost and Damned' formation within my World Eaters army. However, the formation requires a minimum of 40 cultists so these 11 are just the beginning of a long, long process.

Chaplain Dabran Vokk, leader of the Faceless Mass.

I know blue isn't exactly Khorne's favourite colour, but wearing hoods that match the berserker's shoulderpads just might cause them to pause long enough for these goons to duck away and avoid becoming collateral damage during combat.