Friday, 28 April 2017

World Eaters progress!

After going through a 2 week painting slump I have STARTED to work my way out of it by painting up 15 heads for my World Eaters berserkers.

My current goal is to get 10 berserkers finished in the next 2 weeks to bring my total up to 20 foot marines out of the 40-50 I'll eventually have for the force.

So far I have these 3 bolter toting Tactical marines and 1 autocannon marine for my Havoc squad, along with 6 berserkers, including the 3 below.

 I've gone for a relatively clean look on the Tactical and Havoc marines to contrast with the blood soaked and beaten up look of the berserkers.

Though I am trying my best not to go too far with the blood, I've decided to include a small number of  completely over the top lunatics in the army, like this guy above, to help show how crazy the World Eaters really are (and because it's fun to paint)

Apologies for the worse than usual photo quality btw. My sub-standard phone was struggling with my sub-standard lighting and I couldn't be bothered sorting the issue out and starting again.

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