Thursday, 9 June 2016

Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord

Every so often between projects I paint up one of the Chaos Marines from the Dark Vengeance box. I've been going for the classic blue and gold Tzeentch marine look, and am quite happy with how they are turning out.

My latest effort is the Chaos Lord (Kranon the Relentless). I've removed his left hand and the plasma pistol it was holding and replaced it with a spell casting hand that I built out of the space marine missile launcher kit.

I have to thank Glen (of the blog Wrythhold) for his input when I couldn't decide on a colour for the sword. His suggestion to go with the same paint scheme as the flame, and to use it on the models eyes as well (they were red) has really tied the whole paintjob together.


  1. You have managed to execute and exceed exactly what my suggestion was. It looks excellent!

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