Monday, 4 April 2016

Flyrant finished.

Finally it's finished and fully based. Painted using the same scheme and techniques employed on my gargoyles and warriors, except for the use of Nurgle's Rot on his twin-linked devourers (going for an oozy mucus look on them).

Getting the balance of black and brown streaks right on his carapace was a struggle at first but I think it came out about right.

 Basing was fun. I've added a number of mini tyranid bugs made out of random bits from the tyranid sprues and built a Hormagaunt fighting an ultramarine out of spare parts. Having already added the minibugs to my other tyranid bases, I have now gone back and added dismembered parts of Ultramarines to a few bases to give the army a unified look and also to add a little bit of story.

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